Oakland Public Library - Your Library in Photos

I've been a volunteer with the Oakland Public Library's photography program since July of 2014. I specially love taking photos at the Golden Gate Branch Library which is housed in a beautiful historic Carnegie building. These photos were taken during the Star Wars Reads program. Two of them were part of the "OPL - Your Library in Photos" exhibit at the Lake View Branch Library during the month of July in 2016.

Men's Pro Challenger - Fairfield, CA

While I had a lot of fun photographing USTA Fairfield's Men's Pro Challenger, to me the highlight of having a media pass, was being able to go behind the scenes to photograph a casual warm-up / training session between Dustin Brown (aka Dreddy_Ja) and Phillip Simmonds. 

Sysco Team - American Culinary Federation Group Competition

Commercial photo shoot to produce images to be used online and in print promotional materials of Laney College students who were participating in the American Culinary Federation Group Competition. Chef Jones in the middle. From left to right: Team lead Fernanda and team mates Sang, Dave and Mayra.

Photoshop World Conference & Expo 2014

Wow! This conference was massive! So many classes, so many options, seven different learning tracks including Photoshop skills, Photoshop for Photographers, Lightroom, Wedding Photography, Photography Technique, Lighting and Creative Cloud/Graphics. After feeling overwhelmed just by looking at the schedule, here are the classes that I attended.

Day 1 - Getting the feel for classes at Photoshop World 2014.

  1. How to shoot an ad campaign with Joel Grimes
  2. Hot shoe flash for absolute beginners with Scott Kelby
  3. The art behind the headshot - Top 10 tips with Peter Hurley
  4. Hot shoe flash - The next step with Joe McNally

Day 2 -  All classes were fun and full of good information.

  1. Dramatic portraits w/ the invisible black background - Glyn Dewis
  2. Intro to Adobe Muse - Terry White
  3. Top 10 headshot blunders - Peter Hurley
  4. How to light anyone - Erik Valind
  5. The designing photographer - Corey Baker
  6. Lightroom 5 workflow - Terry White
  7. Shooting for retail, online and catalogs - Dave Cuerdon
Photoshop World 2014 Opening Ceremony - Las Vegas, NV

Photoshop World 2014 Opening Ceremony - Las Vegas, NV

Day 3 - The last day of Photoshop World 2014 was short and sweet!

  1. Effective photography, amazing business - Tim Wallace
  2. Tack sharp! Getting ridiculously sharp photos in Photoshop and Lightroom - Matt Kloskowski
  3. The 10 minute portrait retouch - Scott Kelby